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Located in Calgary, Alberta Wild Results is an Outdoor Healthcare Practice that fuses Nature-based Occupational Therapy, Forest Bathing, and Forest Therapy.

We work together to improve your mental, social, emotional, and physical health and well-being through our:


We also PRESCRIBE NATURE and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY using two Canadian, Evidence-based Programs:           

  • PaRx: A Prescription for Nature   

  • Prescription to Get Active

I love helping people of all ages discover tools and techniques to help them plug into the power of nature for health, well-being, and quality of life.


Wild Results is inspired by my family’s medical journey as nature offered us healing, connection, and hope.

Anne Robillard, MEd, BScOT, BA(PE)

Founder, Registered Occupational Therapist,

Certified Forest Bathing Guide & Forest Therapy Practitioner

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Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression?

Our Forest Therapy Programs and Sessions help you develop nature connection through strategies, tools, and techniques to use independently in your daily life to increase your focus, energy levels, and sense of calm, while reducing stress, anxiety, and improving your overall health. 

Register today for one of our research-backed Forest Therapy Services.

May-August   Promotion

$40/1 person

$70/2 people

$105/3 sessions/person


When you book any of the Wild Card sessions below.

Blue Skies

Your private health benefits may have coverage for Occupational Therapy. Receipts are provided for your insurance company.

Forest Therapy Programs and Sessions use Forest Bathing along with Nature-based Occupational Therapy. In-person and Virtual Bookings available in Calgary and worldwide.  

Upcoming Forest Therapy Wild Card Sessions



Wild Results: 8 Senses Reset Program is a tailored 8 Week Group Forest Therapy Program with 2 hour weekly guided outdoor, or virtual sessions.


It is designed for corporations, organizations, friend groups, caregivers etc. 


With each weekly Forest Therapy session, you’ll learn how to connect with nature using 1-2 senses including smell, taste, vision, hearing, touch, interoception, proprioception, and vestibular. 



One-on-one nature connection sessions may involve assessment, treatment, and consultation.


We collaborate to create an individualized nature plan targeting your needs. 


As a health professional, I questioned whether forest bathing could add anything substantial to my large roster of well-being practices.
The short answer: most definitely! Anne’s unique training, friendly expertise, and sensibilities as a professional Occupational Therapist opened a whole new way for me to experience myself and my love for nature.
My weekly hiking excursions and my overall sense of peace have certainly leveled up because of Anne’s guidance and insights. I highly recommend that you go join her in your local forest!"

Donald Barker  |  Registered Dietitian

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