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Nature has been a part of my life since I was a kid – but I didn't understand the true healing power of that connection until I went through an extreme life changing experience

Anne Robillard MEd, BScOT, BA(PE)

Registered Occupational Therapist (OT)

Forest Therapy Practitioner

Forest Bathing Guide


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Anne is an Occupational Therapist, Forest Therapy Practitioner, and founder of Wild Results. Wild Results integrates her recent Master of Education in Curriculum Studies: Health, Outdoor, & Physical Experiential Education, along with guide certifications in Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Practitioner, and undergraduate degrees in Occupational Therapy and Physical Education.


Anne’s Occupational Therapy career began in Ontario and took a lively detour to Calgary as she instantly fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. She has enjoyed working for over 25 years combining her Occupational Therapy and Physical Education degrees while mainly working with children and youth.


Anne’s experience is unique as well as diverse as she has worked in hospital, school, community, research, and private settings with many different populations.

Anne’s love of being outdoors in nature began as a child as she loved building forts, playing competitive soccer etc.

Wild Results was inspired by her medical adventure with her son Noel while he battled a rare, life-threatening disease. His experience taught her to never give up hope, imagine infinite possibilities, and believe in the power of community and inclusiveness. Anne enabled him to flee his hospital room and to walk outdoors as much as possible, if only for a few minutes. This offered them both a place of refuge, connection, and hope before, during, and after Noel’s bone marrow transplant and always resulting in a lift of spirit for both patient, caregiver, and family.

Recharging in nature and enjoying nature walks with family and friends continues to be powerful medicine for Anne and her family.

When she is not embracing fresh air in Calgary, Anne retreats to the Rocky Mountains for active, outdoor adventures and loves exploring on foot one country at a time OR trekking one country at a time.


Anne looks forward to showing you the healing powers of exploring the great outdoors.

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